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Compression Springs - Heavy Duty Series

heavy duty compression springs

The Lee Spring Heavy Duty Series of compression springs includes a range of large size and high spring rate combinations. Selections are sorted in ascending order to mating hole/bore diameter sizes.

Heavy Duty Series springs are available in Music Wire Oil Tempered MB and Type 302 Stainless Steel. Springs in this series are pre-set to prevent length loss in operation and shotpeened for added fatigue resistance. The Type 302 Stainless Steel springs are passivated.

Lee Spring Heavy Duty Series springs feature squared and ground ends. A squared end, also called a closed end, is made by reducing the coil pitch of the ends to zero. Squared influences how a forced produced by the spring can be transferred to adjacent parts. The ground ends provide flat bearing surfaces and additional stability.

Squared and ground ends are particularly useful in applications in which 1) high-duty springs are specified, 2) unusually close tolerances on load or rates are needed, 3) soiled height must be minimized, 4) accurate seating and uniform bearing pressures are required and 5) a tendency towards buckling must be reduced

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