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Lee Spring Introduces Enhanced Battery Spring Designs

Brooklyn, NY — Lee Spring has expanded their unique Stock Battery Spring designs to include a choice of newly introduced Silver-Plated Beryllium Copper or standard Nickel Plated Music Wire; they are conveniently sized for AA, AAA, C and D batteries.

Beryllium Copper is among the hardest, strongest and most wear-resistant of copper alloys. It is corrosion resistance in various environments. The Silver Coated further enhances electrical and thermal conductivity. The electric conductivity of this material is 65 to 70% that of copper, and the strength and fatigue resistance is comparable to higher beryllium alloys. The light silver plating allows for easy soldering. Since most alkaline batteries have nickel coated containers, a nickel coated contact is suitable. The use of similar materials removes the possibility of galvanic corrosion and aids in wear resistance. Nickel will also tend to wipe and aid in breaking down the oxide that can form on the battery contact surface. In addition, a nickel coating will provide general corrosion resistance and is a good conductor of electricity.

These new additions, along with all Lee Spring Stock products, meet RoHS and REACH environmental standards. The 2009 Lee Spring Catalog, which now also features additional REDUX Wave Spring Designs and Lite Pressure Spring Designs, is available online at www.leespring.com ; a print version may be ordered by emailing marketing@leespring.com.

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